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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

New Online Shop :7

Assalammualaikum and Selamat Sejahtera kepada non-muslim .

Ini post pertama untuk SHIKERD ! common hot girls make this Online Shop more fun .
This shop will use their own tag line . Which is " JOY OF SECOND HAND ITEM " . Yes ! from that tag line kita boleh tahu yang SHIKERD ini menjual barang apa kan .

Hot girls,

We'll sell something pretty, comfortable, and hot of course . Nothing to deal 'cause harga dia yang affordable that will not burden your shoulder to buy apa yang korang nak ... Korang mesti tertanya-tanya gila mane datangnya barang-barang ni . Actually, for a few items will come from me and maybe a few item from my friends and family .

There are two pairs of shoes will be sells starting by today :

Brand : VINCCI .
Size : 7.
Colours : Green Grass and Cream.
Harga : RM35 ( free postage )
Sebab jual : Agak besar  dengan kaki Ckin.
*Pernah pakai sekali sahaja sepanjang beli .
Size : 39
Colours : Mustard
Heels : 2.5 inch.
Harga : RM35 ( free postage )
Sebab jual : Ckin tak suka wedges . #tapi mengada nak beli :)

*barang akan ditulis SOLD OUT kalau dah dijual.

Contact : 0199544150 (ckin)
Please be nice with me . I'm newbie ..

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